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Fashion 08-07-2015

How to Pick the Right Jeans

Jeans are probably the most essential item of clothing in any man’s wardrobe - apart from your underwear. Finding the perfect pair of jeans, however, can be a real challenge. Click to find out how you can get the right pair that’s worth investing in.

Fashion 07-07-2015

What You Should Look for When Buying a Bag

Splashing out on the “perfect” bag can be quite a tough decision to make. Here are some useful tips you can use the next time you’re thinking of buying a new bag.

Fashion 07-07-2015

ABCs of Denim: How to Style Any Type of Jeans

Who knew there'd be so many types of the classic denim jeans?!

DIY 06-07-2015

DIY: Fix a Stuck Zipper

In a rush to head out only to realise your zipper wont pull up? Read on to find out 6 common household items that can fix a stuck zipper in a cinch!