3 DIY Gifts To Make Your Significant Other Fall In Love With You All Over Again

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I’ve always hated hunting for gifts for my girlfriend, not because I have bad taste or that I’m a cheapskate. But because I always find it insincere to just buy something off the shelves for someone so dear to me. With Christmas round the corner, it’s time for me to whip out my crafty imagination and make one with my own two hands! 


Here are 3 DIY gifts for your significant other that are fairly simple and affordable to make.



For The Netflix & Chill Addict : DIY scented candles

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What could be better than spending a lazy Sunday in bed binge-watching your favourite shows with a big bag of chips? A beautiful scented candle to make the experience that much more cosy, of course! 


What you'll need:

- a glass container (depending on the size, anything from shot glasses to mason jars work)

- a glass bowl safe for boiling

- wax beads or block (available at Spotlight)

- candle wick

- tape

- essentail oils (vanilla/lemongrass/citrus fruit/lavender are all great options) 




Step 1: Put the wax beads in a boil-safe glass bowl. Place the bowl in a pot of water (the water level shouldn’t be too high or it’ll spill into the wax) and bring to boil.

Step 2: Add the essential oil to the melting wax. I would recommend about 10 drops to 20 drops.

Step 3: Using some melted wax, fix the wick to the bottom of your glass container.

Step 4: Tape an X on the top of the glass container and use a pen to poke a hole in the middle of the X.

Step 5: Push the top of the wick through the hole in the X. Make sure the wick is hanging firmly and it doesn’t collapse when the wax is poured in.

Step 6: Pour the wax in the glass container (careful, it’s very hot!) and leave it to set overnight.

Step 7: If your wax dries with a dip in the middle, heat a little more wax and fill the surface of the candle until it’s flat. Finally, cut the end of the wick to around an inch long.


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For The Beauty Conscious - Body Scrub  

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We’ll never stop raving about this body scrub that not only exfoliates and hydrates dry skin effectively but also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


What you'll need:

- 1 cup ground coffee

- 1 cup brown sugar (white sugar works too)

- ½ cup coconut oil (or olive oil)

- 1 tablespoon cinnamon

- 1 mason jar




Step 1: Pour sugar and coffee grounds into medium sized bowl and mix evenly.

Step 2: Mix in coconut oil (add more if you like a wet consistency).

Step 3: Add cinnamon and mix well.

Step 4: Carefully scoop mixture into a clean mason jar.


Finish your coffee sugar scrub by tying a ribbon or adding a specially designed label like this.


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For The Accessories Junkie - DIY Lace Doily Accessories Bowl

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The perfect place to store knick-knacks like bracelets or even house keys! You could even gift it together with a homemade candle, like the one we mentioned above. 


What you'll need:

- lace doily

- fabric stiffener or white crafts glue

- bowl




Step 1: Soak your doily in fabric stiffener or white crafts glue.


Step 2: Turn your bowl upside down

Step 3: Drape the doily over the bowl.


Step 4: Use your fingers to smooth the doily over the bowl, removing any wrinkles and pushing out excess fabric stiffeners


Step 5: Leave it on the bowl overnight to allow it to dry and harden


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A handmade gift goes a long way in telling your significant other you care and that they are special and worth your time. Time to dig out your arts & craft apron and start DIY-ing!


Need more inspiration? Here are 5 more simple and affordable DIY gifts your friends will absolutely love! To make your gifts stand out under the Christmas tree, try out our easy and chic gift wrapping ideas.



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