3 Ways to Wear A Graphic Tee Without Looking Like A Sullen Teenager

Posted on 14-11-2016 by Benedict Lim



Graphic tees are my favourite.  A broken-in t-shirt with a great band name or underground logo slapped across the front is a beloved and integral part of any man’s wardrobe. But how do you wear them with style and not end up looking like a guy with a terrible hangover or an angsty teen? Here are 3 ways to elevate your favourite graphic tee.



Tuck It In

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Instead of wearing your graphic tees untucked over shorts or denim, here’s a trick that changes that sloppy look into something more dressed up. Try tucking the shirt in. It may sound a little ‘nerdy’ at first, but if your graphic tee fits you snugly, you’ll look smart and stylish. Pair your graphic tee with cropped black pants and luxe sneakers, and elevate the look with a suave haircut. Here’s how you can get the most versatile haircut ever.




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Wearing a band tee? It’s all about that punk/rock & roll vibe. Amp up your bad boy style points by throwing on skinny ripped jeans and black combat boots. 



Back To Business

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Throwing a blazer or sports coat over a graphic tee is an easy way to polish up an otherwise casual look. If worn correctly, your graphic tee adds a bit of an interesting edge to a somewhat boring outfit. The trick is to let your graphic tee do most of the talking – i.e keep everything else simple so that your outfit doesn’t get too noisy and over-cluttered. Dark jeans, a simple blue blazer and a pair of minimalist sneakers are all you need to turn your graphic tee into your new going-out uniform.


Gone were the days you have to wear a shirt beneath the blazer. Graphic tees are all the hype now, especially in the streetwear scene. For a climate like Singapore’s, t-shirts are the best and most versatile top that every style-conscious man should own. Classic striped tees are also an incredibly versatile wardrobe staple every man must have in their weekly rotation. 

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