4 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself Before Growing A Moustache

Posted on 31-10-2016 by Benedict Lim



Moustaches are damn cool, at least well groomed ones are. They are now seen on younger men as an addition to their impeccable style, be it the hipster curl or the bushy authoritative sire. While the exceptionally stylish hipster might be able to pull it off, the undoubtedly most daring configuration of facial hair configuration, we advise you to be cautious before following suit. Simply put, growing a moustache isn’t for the weak hearted, one wrong move and you could go from hero to zero (it’s all too easy to end up looking like the creepy guy-next-door). Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on this daunting task.



1. How thick does the hair on your upper lip grow?

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This should be the very first question that you should ask yourself. Let’s be realistic and truthful here, because the fact of the matter is that many guys unfortunately are not blessed in the genetic department with a proper upper lip forest. Be honest with yourself – do you even have a chance at sprouting a proper moustache, or what’s going to happen is probably that even after going months without shaving, all that appears is a patchy mess of unkempt facial hair.



2. Can you grow a full-on beard?

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Here’s a little secret: the easiest way to grow a moustache actually includes growing a full on beard first. Once your beard’s perfectly filled-in, all you have to do is shave away the cheeks and chin to leave behind a style aficionado approved moustache.


If you are not blessed in the beard department, this option isn’t exactly on the table. If so, may we advise you reconsider your decision of a first rate moustache.



3. Can you withstand prolonged discomfort?

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Other than the occasional ridicule from friends and co-workers at the expense of your slowly growing lip tickler, there is certainly a physical discomfort to growing a moustache. Yeah, we’re talking about beard itch. Although the surface area of the stubble may be significantly reduced when you’re growing a moustache, the itch can be equally brutal.



4. Do you really want this?

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After everything has been said and done, the most important question you need to ask is a simple one: Will you be better off with a moustache that you were without one? Sporting a coat of magnificent fur on your upper lip is a daring move even amongst the most confident style icons, and will no doubt draw the attention of many a passerby and loved ones alike. Is that what you want? If so, go for it.



If not, here’s how you can undo your mistake. Here’s the pain-free way to shave off your beard.

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