4 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Magically Cosy

Posted on 26-04-2016 by Audrey Ong

If you live with your family or housemates, you’d understand the importance of having a private, comfy space to call your own. A hideaway you can come home to after a long day to curl up, relax, read or Netflix in. Here are 4 simple and affordable ways to transform your room (even if you’re staying in a rented dorm) into a magical hideaway! 




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After a long, tiring day at school or work, light a candle to unwind. The pleasant smell and flickering flame is extremely therapeutic especially if you’ve had a bad day. Aromatherapy has been proven to reduce anxiety, eliminate headaches and improve sleep quality. If you’re not too keen on having lighted candles around (if you have little kids or pets running around, it’s definitely not a good idea), we suggest using a reed diffuser! The best thing about using aromatherapy in your room is that it not only instantly changes the ambience, it’s also incredibly affordable. 


My absolute favourite scents are vanilla and lemongrass. Here are some popular scents and their respective benefits: 


Lavender - relieves stress, anti-depressant, promotes better sleep 

Rose - reduces anxiety, improves digestion and blood circulation

Lemongrass - relieves stress, promotes better sleep, anti-depressant

Sandalwood - improves clarity, promotes deep sleep, relieves stress 

Vanilla - anti-depressant, reduces anxiety, promotes deep sleep 


If you suffer from insomnia, here are more natural ways to banish sleepless nights! No pills involved, we promise.


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Lighting is Key 

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Adding beautiful accent lights in your room is a small change you can make that can have one of the biggest impacts on how your space looks and feels. Recently, I’ve been obsessed over Himalayan salt therapy and I’ve encouraged practically every single one of my friends to get a Himalayan salt lamp to put on their bedside table. Not only does it emit a beautiful, soft glow at night, the lamp also releases salt ions (you won’t be able to smell it) that can reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, cleanse and deodorise the air, all while promoting better sleep! 


Another pretty lighting idea is to hang a string of fairy lights on your headboard. They’re oh-so-whimsical and versatile! Imagine curling up in bed watching your favourite TV show while the tiny lights twinkle around you. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect end to a long, stressful day?


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Comfy & Chic Bedding 

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As a grown-ass woman, you should have chic, comfortable sheets. Steer away from complicated prints and loud colours and opt for simple patterns. White sheets are classic and really dreamy. Nothing beats cuddling under a fluffy, white duvet that resembles a cloud. Crisp white sheets look and feel so luxurious, which is why most 5-star hotels only use white bedding! 


If you prefer coloured sheets, sophisticated pastels are the way to go. They’re easy on the eye and incredibly chic.


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Add Texture

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Accessorize your room just like how you’d accessorize your outfit. Play with textures and prints! A furry rug on the floor and some patterned cushions on your bed (try different sizes for a more eclectic style) can really transform your bedroom. 


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