4 Style Mistakes That Make Your Outfit Look Cheap

Posted on 19-12-2016 by Audrey Ong


We already know the simple ways to make our outfits look expensive (key word being look) but even then, there are some errors we might make while getting dressed in the morning that we overlook before rushing out the door. Mistakes that may seem like NBD but in reality, are downgrading the outfit you spent all that time putting together! 



Visible Bra Straps 

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You should always keep your bra straps hidden, especially at work or at a formal event. Avoid peek-a-boo straps by opting for a strapless bra. Alternatively, you could use a paperclip to turn a regular bra into a racerback bra to hide the straps under a sleeveless top.



Scuffed Shoes 

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It doesn’t matter how on-trend or expensive your shoes are, if they’re scuffed, they’ll instantly look cheaper than they really are. Polish your patent or faux leather shoes by spraying a cotton pad with a little glass cleaner and wipe them down. They’ll look fresh and shiny in no time! 


White sneakers can be tough to maintain, but we’ve got 3 ways to keep your favourite white kicks looking brand new




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This is pretty obvious, wrinkles will make any outfit (no matter how beautiful) look like you made no effort getting dressed! If you hate ironing, we suggest investing in a steamer, which makes pressing clothes soooo much easier. 



Makeup Stains 

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We’ve all been through this before! Smudging a little lipstick or foundation on to the collar of a dress or blouse while getting changed. We often shrug it off and tell ourselves that it’s hardly noticeable, but why risk others noticing? 


Dry cleaning can be an expensive affair, the next time you accidentally stain your clothes with makeup or food or grease, try our DIY stain banishing methods

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