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4 Ways To Look Better In Photos

Posted on 13-03-2017 by Audrey Ong



Some people are just naturally photogenic and look good anywhere, wearing anything, even when the camera catches them off-guard. The rest of us? Not so much. 


If you wanna look better in photos, here are a few easy rules to live by whenever the camera clicks: 



Change Your Posture & Angles 

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You’ve probably heard this over and over again, but standing up straight really makes a difference in photographs. You’ll look taller and more confident, and who wouldn’t want that?


Avoid direct head-on shots because your face will usually look much wider. Instead, slightly turn your head to whichever your “good side” is, tilt your chin (upwards or downwards, depending on where the camera is) and elongate your neck by pushing your face forward a little. This might feel awkward, but you’ll avoid the dreaded double chin and look much better in the photo. 



Experiment With Different Looks

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We all have signature look, and if you scroll through your Instagram feed, you might realize it’s getting a little stale. Every once in a while, up the ante with a different look and surprise your followers! If you always leave your hair down, try an easy up-do, or if you’re always photographed in sleek and trendy outfits, snap a photo of yourself when you’re in a more laidback get-up. It’s a really easy way to experiment and find what works best for you, it’ll also break up the monotony of your feed. 


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Move More

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Standing still in one position is pretty awkward and can come across as too “posey” in pictures. The next time you’re trying to take an #OOTD, move around! Play with your hair, take a few steps forward or twirl around in your outfit! It might seem forced at first, but it’ll most likely look natural in the photographs. Tell the photographer to keep snapping away while you make small and subtle movements, this will give you a variety of pictures to choose from.

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Don’t Say Cheese

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Ever since we were little, we’ve been told to say “cheese!” whenever we had to get our pictures taken. To avoid a forced smile, say “money” instead, as the “e” sound at the end of the word raises the corners of your mouth slightly and makes your eyes crinkle just a teensy bit, which creates a natural smile.


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