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5 Diet Tips That Are More Effective Than Counting Calories

Posted on 12-08-2016 by Audrey Ong



In this day and age, you’ll be hard pressed to find a woman who hasn’t tried a crazy diet or two. For the longest time, we’ve all believed that calorie counting and restricting our food intake were the most effective ways to shed weight. 


Going on a crash diet isn’t healthy and you’ll most likely end up gaining back all the weight you lost once you stop the diet. Counting calories isn’t any better. It’s stressful and will make you dread mealtimes. It’s one of the worst methods to use when you are looking to lose weight! 


So what if you’re eating under 1200 calories a day? It doesn’t mean anything when you’re not eating the right foods. If you starve yourself, it’s even worse. Your metabolism will slow down and your body will start to burn muscle instead of fat. 


Do yourself a favour and stop counting calories. Here are 5 diet tips that are way more effective! 




#1 Stop Counting Calories & Start Rejecting Refined Sugar

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News flash! Calories aren’t the main culprit of your weight gain, processed sugar and junk food are. Cut down the amount of refined sugar from your diet, this means less cookies, soft drinks and definitely processed foods. Though insanely delicious, these foods almost completely lack any kind of nutrients. The sugars found in processed foods will cause a drastic increase in blood glucose levels which makes you feel energised for a while before you face a sugar crash. It’s a vicious cycle which leads you to crave more sugar. 


But what would life be without dessert? You don’t have to eliminate cakes and ice cream from your diet, just limit how often you eat them. You should also try these 10 sugar-free ways to satisfy your sweet tooth


Cutting out refined sugar can be difficult especially when you get hungry midday. Instead of packaged cookies or chocolate muffins, reach for any of these model-approved snacks whenever you feel peckish. 



#2 Eat Fresh

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As the saying goes, “If it didn’t run, swim, fly or grow from the ground, don’t eat it.” The key to eating right is to eat only fresh, colourful, whole foods. Avoid anything that’s been canned, frozen or packaged (seriously, why use canned pasta sauce when you can easily make your own fresh tomato sauce?) as they contain lots of preservatives, chemicals, added colouring and sugar. These additives make it harder for your digestive system to function efficiently.


When you start adding more fresh foods to your diet, you’ll find that you have more physical and mental energy. So remember, live gorgeously and eat mindfully! 



#3 The F Word

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We’re talking about fibre. If you’re looking to lose weight, you need to focus on fibre. It makes you feel fuller for longer and it’s a good way to make sure your digestive is nice and clean. Load your plate up with fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains!



#4 Add Protein 

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Decrease your appetite and cravings by adding more protein into your meals. This will help to boost your metabolism while making sure you’re not overeating throughout the day as you won’t feel hungry as often. Foods like eggs, lean meat, soy, beans and fish are great protein options.



#5 Drink Up 

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You’ve probably heard it a hundred times, and we’ll repeat it again. Drink more water! Most times when you feel peckish, it’s usually because you’re thirsty. To prevent yourself from overeating, drink one glass of water before every meal. 


It might be difficult if you don’t have the habit of drinking water (probably because you love soft drinks). Make drinking water interesting by infusing it with fruit! It’s such an easy and affordably way to detox daily. Check out these beautiful and delicious detox waters




If you’ve been trying to lose weight but haven’t been very successful, you should probably stop believing in these common myths that are hindering your weight loss journey. To help you along, here are 6 small changes you can make to lose weight quicker

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