5 Things Every Adult Should Have In Their Bedroom

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When you were in college, it would have been forgivable if your room was disorganised and chaotic. But now? Unacceptable. Trying to navigate adulthood can be difficult, so make your life just a little bit easier by making sure you have a serene space to return to every night. Plus, if you’re going to be bringing a date back hoping to “get some”, you wouldn’t want to scare him/her away with week-old pizza boxes and a pile of dirty laundry in the corner, would you? 


Whether you’re single or living with your significant other, here are 5 things every self-respecting adult needs to make their bedrooms restful as well as functional: 



Calming Colours 

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Want more sex and better sleep? Just alter your mood with colours. Calming colours, that is. A soothing tone will encourage you (and your partner) to relax and get in the ~mood~. Neutrals like light blue or grey and beige or off-white are really good muted options for bedrooms as they are often associated with calmness. 


If you’re into bright colours, accessorize the space with pops of bold colours instead of painting your walls in one striking shade. Bright colours usually increase the energy in the room, which is counter-intuitive if you’ve had a bad day and just want to curl up in bed to relax. 



Nightstand With Drawers 

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We’ve all seen pictures on Pinterest and in interior design magazines of super cool re-purposed vintage chairs or sleek tiny tables used as nightstands, but in reality, they’re just not practical! What you really need is a nightstand with storage space to hide stuff like remote controls, magazines and of course, any toys you might have.


Mood Lighting 

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Save yourself from fumbling your way to the bed once you’ve switched off the lights by placing a standing lamp next to your bed or a little table lamp on your nightstand. A soft, warm glow from a lamp can also create the appropriate ambiance for getting some action between the sheets (nothing kills the mood like a glaring ceiling light).  



Sophisticated Sheets 

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Speaking of sheets, you definitely shouldn’t be using the sheets your mom bought for you when you were still in school. Quality bedding doesn’t have to be expensive, look out for discounts at reputable department stores to score good deals. Most luxury hotels use white sheets because they’re classic, crisp and clean. If plain white sheets are too sterile for your liking, opt for neutral colours in subtle patterns like pinstripes or details like scalloped trimmings and embroidered borders. 


Besides picking the right type of bedding, you should also know how often you should be washing your sheets



Soothing Scents 

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Lighting a scented candle is an affordable way to give a luxurious touch to your bedroom. Not to worry boys, owning a candle won’t dent your manliness. A good candle purifies the air (meaning fade out the stink of the greasy supper you had in bed), instantly cozies up your space and in all honesty, will impress a date you’re inviting over. Nothing beats Netflix and chilling in bed with the soft glow of a scented candle on the nightstand. Scents like vanilla, sandalwood and lavender are gender neutral options that are subtle and relaxing. 


If you’re not digging the idea of candles, an aromatherapy air humidifier is a good alternative. 


Now that you’ve got the basics covered, check out more ways to make your bedroom magically cozy

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