5 Things You Should Never Include In Your Tinder Profile

Posted on 06-09-2016 by Benedict Lim


Firstly, we want to commend you for taking the leap and putting yourself out there. Online dating isn’t easy and your profile is your face, your personality and your first (and maybe only) chance to impress, even before you get to score a date. Without a doubt, your profile needs to have game and deal breakers are a big no-no. 


Trodden on the path of online dating, I’ve seen my fair share of cringe-worthy profiles as well as interesting ones. What I’ve deduced is that you simply SHOULD NOT include certain information. With this quick cheat sheet, don’t ever be caught with a profile that people swipe left to while muttering “weirdo” under their breath or screen-grabbing to show to their friends (while laughing mercilessly).





You may be the sweetest and most sentimental partner, but holding on to the past while trying to move forward is such a big turn-off for potential dates! It’s like carrying boxes and boxes of your ex’s belongings and turning up for a dinner date. Your profile will be better off without it, trust me. 


Some of the girls in The 15th District office have come across profiles of guys using their wedding photos. No joke. (Are you still married? Or are you no longer married? Does your wife know? Wait, what is going on here?!)


Even if the other person in the photo isn’t your ex, why would you use a photo of you topless at a rave being kissed by two random girls?! Not cool, dude. 






Salary, height, sexual conquests, number of Pokémon caught. Just don’t.






Hello? Get over the idea of meeting the girl/guy of your dreams. That person does not exist. 


It’s off-putting when people write expectations of their future partner down in the bio of their profile. Like, “If you don’t at least have a degree, don’t bother swiping right.” or “If you’re not above ___ height, don’t bother.”

Excuse me? Get off your high horse. 


This makes you seem really demanding as you’re basically saying that whoever doesn’t fit your criteria are completely undateable. Go ahead and be elitist if that’s your jam, but just know that you’re probably not going to get that many matches. Hell, I have a degree but I would never swipe right if I saw that bio. 






Oh, so all I know about you is that you love taking selfies and you’ve been using the wrong shade of brown to do your brows? 


If your bio is completely empty, it’s really difficult to start a meaningful conversation with you.

*Swipe left*






Get outta here and go back to school. 




Now you know what not to put in your Tinder profile, here's how to create the perfect profile. And if you manage to score a date (which we sincerely hope you do), check out the 3 things you must do on EVERY Tinder date.


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