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6 Common Bra Problems We've Found The Solution For

Posted on 24-05-2016 by Stella Ong

Bras are the worst, aren't they? Bra straps like to peek out of your sleeve, the back-bands love to rise up for no reason and the underwire of the bra was basically invented to jab into your skin. 


Ideally, wearing a bra should be so comfortable (and supportive) that you forget that you're wearing one. The right bra can improve your figure, making you look taller and slimmer (without any diet or exercise). So now the only thing hindering you from being comfortable in your bra are the problems and I'm here to find a solution to all your problems!


Problem #1: Straps That Can't Stay Still

Having bra straps that are constantly falling off your shoulder is not presentable, let alone comfortable.


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Solution: Adjust your bra strap every other month. With each wear of your bra, the straps might stretch out ever so slightly. If you have narrow shoulders, opt for bras with cross-back straps.


If you don't have a problem with loose bra straps, you might have a problem with tight ones...


Problem #1: Straps That Leaves An Indent On Your Shoulder

Your bra straps are so tight that it leaves you an indentation on the skin of your shoulder.


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Solution: The perfect bra relies on the band for ultimate support, not the straps. Loosen your bra straps so it sits comfortably on your shoulder, if not, consider getting a bra with a tighter band for more support.



Problem #2: The Underwire Of Your Bra Is Hurting You

If you feel the underwire of your bra scratching or hurting you in any means, ditch it. Chances are, it's too worn out (if the underwire is jabbing into your skin) or it's just not the right size for you.


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Solution: Get a larger cup size so that it can hold your entire breast. One thing to note is to make sure the wire fully encases the breast tissue, and not sitting on breast tissue.



Problem #3: Your "Twins" Are Not Identical – How To Choose The Right Bra

It's pretty common that your "girls" are not symmetrical – one breast is usually slightly larger than other. But this does not mean you don't deserve a comfy bra.


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Solution: When choosing a bra, always favour the bigger breast - it's better to have more space for your breast than have none to work with. Opt for bras with lined cups, like a contour bra (the cups mimic the natural curves of a woman's body) or molded bra that will help maintain a uniform shape between your breasts.


Alternatively, you can choose a bra with removable pads or cookies. Simply place a removable pad (or silicone insert) in the bra cup to help even your breasts out.



Problem #4: Back-bands Is Not Parallel To The Floor

You should know that back-bands are meant to stay parallel to the floor, not rising up as it pleases. But to be fair, it's not your fault that it's rising, it's just not the right size.


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Solution: Rising back-band is a result of wearing a band size too big. Simply size down on the width.


p.s. remember if you're getting a smaller band, you need to get a bigger size cup. For eg. If you're a 34C, you should get a 32D.



Problem #5: Center Gore Isn’t Flat Against Your Chest

The center gore is the fabric that connects the cups of a bra in the front and it should always sit flat against your chest. If the band is hovering over your chest, it's not giving your breasts any support, only acting as a redundant breast-cover.


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Solution: You need to figure out what the problem is - if your band is too big, simply drop one size down. If the cup is too small, it's time to give your breasts some breathing room by upsizing your cup.



Problem #6: Back Bulge Are The Worst

We all need the support from the band of your bra but if the band digs into the skin, you will notice that the back bulge is prominent.

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Solution: Your bra band is too tight! Pick a larger band size but remember to go down a size for your cup.

For example, if you're a 36B and you need to get a new bra with the size 38AA. If you've figured that you're the right band size, but the bulge is still there, opt for a wider back band.



That's most of your bra problems, solved! Let us know what are some of your bra problems in the comment section below and we will do our best to solve it for you!


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