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6 Super Stylish Costumes To DIY This Halloween

Posted on 24-10-2016 by Audrey Ong



We’ve never been fans of store-bought Halloween costumes because they’re mostly tacky and expensive (which is ironic since most of them look cheap). Here at The 15th District, we’re all about that DIY life


These may look difficult to recreate but fret not, they’re as simple as ABC.



Star & Moon

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Be the star (literally) at any party! You could get your BFF to dress up as the moon too. 


What you’ll need:

- flowy dress 
- cardboard (cut into the shape of a crescent or star)
- aluminium foil to wrap around the cardboard
- headband to attach the crescent/star to
- lots of glitter for your hair and makeup 


Watch the following videos for makeup and hair inspiration! 




For more couple or BFF costume ideas, check this out



What’s Your Sign?


Whether or not you believe in what the stars have in store for you, there’s no denying how gorgeous these astrology-inspired makeup looks are. 


We've got even more wickedly enchanting beauty looks for Halloween, check it out! 



Tooth Fairy

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The tradition of leaving a fallen baby tooth under a pillow for the tooth fairy to collect and swap out with a coin has been around for as long as our parents can remember, so why not look sugary sweet in this poofy DIY tooth fairy get-up? Learn how to make your own dress out of a bunch of tulle here


Finish off your outfit with this glittery makeup look! 




Dark Queen

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Mysteriously eerie, this costume may seem intimidating to DIY at first. But in reality, it’s incredibly easy to pull off! 


What you’ll need: 

- costume crown (spray paint it black!) 
- black flowy maxi dress
- cape (optional)


For a super creepy twist on this look, check out this makeup tutorial. 




Queen of Hearts 

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If the Dark Queen look is way too intense for you, what about the ever so “charming” Queen of Hearts? Bonus points if you scream “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” every time a creepy guy tries to hit on you at a party.


What you’ll need:

- crop top/bustier 
- white tulle skirt 
- red felt (cut into hearts and stick it on your skirt)
- deck of cards for the crown (tutorial here)





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According to Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster with venomous snakes on her head instead of hair. Any onlookers would be turned to stone. While you won’t be able to turn anyone to stone, you’ll definitely turn heads and stun the crowd at any party with this bold costume choice. 


What you’ll need:

- thin toy rubber snakes
- gold spray paint for snakes (optional)
- khaki/white/grey maxi dress 


Watch the following tutorials for your Medusa hair and makeup inspiration. 





If you’re searching for even more Halloween costume inspiration, we’ve got 10 more simple and chic ideas that you can recreate in a pinch with items you already have in your wardrobe.

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