Are You Keeping Your Makeup Products For Too Long?

Posted on 03-03-2016 by Clara Tan


Every girl has that one (or a few) makeup product they’ve got a soft spot for. I get it. I’ve still got lipsticks in crazy shades bought years ago sitting in the back of my makeup cabinet, waiting for the day to be used (which is likely never) but hey, there’s sentimental value in $3 crappy lipsticks bought in my teenage years. 


I’m a beauty hoarder and not ashamed to admit it. But sometimes, keeping your makeup for longer than you should is not just a waste of space (sorry, mum!) but is terrifying because they can cause skin irritations or eye infections. And you don’t want that do you? 



Cosmetic products usually have a jar symbol with a numeral printed on indicating how long they should be kept for. But besides taking note of the date, if your lipgloss is separating in gloops or your foundation smells funny then its pretty obvious its time to bid adieu.


Here’s a quick rundown on how long each product should be kept for after the first use:



Besides regularly changing your makeup products, it is also important to wash your makeup brushes every week. Some olive oil mixed with baby shampoo should do the trick!

Throwing away old cosmetics also gives you a great excuse to justify buying new ones. If you put on makeup everyday, you should probably find out this one mistake most people make when applying foundation

On top of that, make sure you're following these 6 super important skincare rules!


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Clara Tan
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