DIY: Fix a Stuck Zipper

Posted on 06-07-2015 by Audrey Ong

We’ve all faced a stuck zipper at least once, be it on a bag, jacket or pair of pants. The problem is highly frustrating especially if the said zipper is on a favourite garment of yours. Tugging furiously at the zipper tab rarely works, but a few household items might do the trick. 

We’ve found a list of items that can help to lubricate the zipper teeth. For all of these uses, be sure to do a spot test to ensure that whatever you’re using will not permanently stain the fabric. After getting the zipper unstuck, it’s advisable to wash the garment or at least wipe the lubricant off before wearing or storage.

Choose 1 of the following and run up and down both sides of the zipper :

- Colourless lip balm 

- Clear bar of soap 

- Petroleum jelly 

- Graphite pencil (the lead part)

- Neutral coloured candle 

- Cotton bud dipped in olive oil


Have your own tips on how to fix a stuck zipper? Leave a comment below!


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