Does Being Vain Make You Less Of A Man?

Posted on 20-03-2017 by Bruce Murphy



With a growing following of men who take pride in how they look, it is time for us to look at whether this is in conflict with the typical values of a man, and whether or not it makes one less of a man if they were to indulge in men’s grooming. There's so much research and information out there about how being well groomed can bring about a wide range of benefits from drawing positive attention to one’s self, boosting confidence and even making one successful in life.

The fact is, there is nothing new about men paying attention to how they look. 


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Once Upon a Time…

Our quest to look good goes back to as early as 10,000 BC where the ancient Egyptians used aloe vera, milk, and fragrant oils to protect and nourish their skin, as well as to cover their body odour.  It is interesting to note that kohl (a powdered concoction made up of crushed antimony, ash, burnt almonds, lead and oxidized copper) was used by Egyptian men as a type of eyeliner. The Romans, on the other hand, were renowned for their communal baths where they promoted a culture of cleanliness, (instead of trying to hide their body odour like the ancient Egyptians) shared grooming tips and even used barley and flour to treat pimples. The Victorian era was when men’s grooming products really started to gain traction.  Products such as soaps and even anti-aging skin care products were manufactured on a mass scale, resulting in soaps being the norm in many households.


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The Rise of the Well-Groomed Gentleman


Fast forward to 2017 and thanks to a combination of clever marketing, well-groomed public personalities, and social media, paying attention to one’s appearance has gained widespread acceptance in society. The modern gentleman now has access to numerous grooming products and services targeted primarily at men. Grooming products like anti-aging creams, face scrubs, moisturizers and services like eyebrow plucking and even “man-scaping” (trimming and removing the hair from a man’s body for grooming purposes) mean that men no longer have to resort to stealing their girl’s grooming products. In addition, the prevalence of online stores has made the purchase of such products and services more efficient, affordable and less awkward versus making such purchases at traditional brick and mortar ones. The modern man can now be proud of being well-groomed and confident and knowledgeable in the use of these tools of grooming.


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Man Up to Men’s Grooming


So if you are feeling uncomfortable about paying attention to your looks, don’t. Even if the people around you tease you about being "vain", rest assured that throughout the history of mankind, men have always paid close attention to their appearance. There is nothing wrong or unmanly about that. With advances in modern science, men’s grooming products and services will only get better and more effective – keeping us looking, smelling and feeling great! So don’t just settle on being an ordinary man, be a well-groomed one!



Thy Rogue Gentleman offers a range of men’s all-natural body and hair care products at different price points, so there’s something for everyone. The brand was founded on the principles of making quality grooming products accessible to the modern man who is not afraid to use them and who wishes to interpret style his way.

The use of the archaic word of “thy” was to mark the characteristics of an earlier period where style, honour and class were made available only to a privileged few. Now that these tools of privilege have been made available to those born out of privilege, we aspire to bring the charm and confidence of Thy Rogue Gentlemen to the masses. 

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Bruce Murphy
Until recently, Bruce, a self-proclaimed vain pot, managed to get away with stealing his wife’s grooming products for years. After getting caught, Bruce decided to launch Thy Rogue Gentlemen, a men’s grooming start-up founded on the principles of making quality grooming products accessible to the modern man. For the record, his wife is now much happier since he stopped using her stuff. You can follow Thy Rogue Gentleman on Instagram @thyroguegentleman

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