How Often Should You Change Your Sheets?

Posted on 04-04-2016 by Hongwei Lee

We often think that our room’s pretty clean - your floor, table and shelves are all dust-free (or at least we’d like to think they are). But just before you give yourself a pat on your back and go to sleep, ask yourself when was the last time you put your sheets in the laundry.



If your answer was more than a week ago then it’s time for you to get out of bed and change a new set of sheets. Set your washing machine to wash with hot water of about 130 to 150 degrees and use a hot dryer to stop germs from breeding in your comfortable nest.


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Pillows and Comforters

Apart from your sheets, there are pillows and comforters on your bed too and you should wash them at least four times a year. Dust and maybe even mites might invade your comfy cushions and cause allergies and pimples to form.


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If you ever find yourself sneezing when you wake up, maybe it is time for a clean bed so keep our suggestions in mind for basic hygiene.

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