How To Access Google Maps When You Don't Have Reception

Posted on 26-09-2016 by Benedict Lim


Remember the good old days of riding shotgun, holding a paper map, finding your way from the Singapore immigration into Malaysia? Well, I've never personally used a roadmap but I vaguely remember my dad doing so. I have always relied on Google Maps to bring me safely and efficiently to my destinations. 


But what happens if you don’t have reception on your smartphone?




No worries! Did you know you can access Google Maps offline? Here’s how you do it.


What You Need:

Google Maps app downloaded to your Android or iPhone (duh?)


What To Do:

Launch Google Maps on your phone when you still have service, be it Wi-Fi or mobile data, then enter the name or address of the destination (say, Fort Canning Park) into the search bar at the top and hit search.

Next, tap the bar at the bottom of the screen where the destination appears. On the right of the search bar, you should see 3 dots in a vertical layout, tap on it and it should bring up a menu. 

Right at the bottom of the menu, you should see Download offline area. Hit that option and you will get a prompt if you want to download this area? Hit download and you now have an offline map of your destination. 


Stored Offline Maps: 

To access your offline maps, tap the drop down menu in upper left-hand corner of the app, the one that looks like 3 lines stacked vertically, you will see the option for “offline maps.” There, you will see any offline maps you’ve saved. 

The only tricky thing is that you can’t actually open it unless you’re offline. (So, put your phone in airplane mode to test it out before you leave)


Please note that offline maps will only be saved in your phone for 30 days.


With offline maps, the possibilities are endless! Now you no longer have to fret when you arrive overseas and scramble to get a data plan card just to be able to get your bearings right. This nifty trick will save you and your wallet when you travel!


Tried using offline maps before and have a story to share? Let us know in the comment boxes below.

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