How To Achieve The Perfect Scandinavian Style At Home

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Who doesn’t love a good Scandi interior? The Scandinavian aesthetic has been trending for quite some time and is definitely here to stay. Known for its simplicity and functionality, the Scandinavian style is heavily focused on clean lines, great craftsmanship and subtle sophistication.


Here’s how you can combine simplicity, utility and beauty to create the perfect abode. 



Stay Neutral 

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One of the keys to achieving the perfect Nordic interior is to stick to a neutral palette. Keep things simple and clean with big white walls and play around with little hints of cool greys and blues to create a calm and peaceful sanctuary. Harsh, dark colours like navy and black can be incorporated as accents but should never be the main focus. 


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Use Natural Materials & Textures

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Natural materials like wood will add warmth and cosiness to the light and neutral interior. If you notice, Scandinavian interiors rarely use wall-to-wall carpets. Often enough, light, wooden flooring is the choice in all rooms (except the bathrooms, of course). 


Cotton, wool, leather and linen are all exceptionally chic options for furniture and accessories to give a soft touch to your home and to balance out the clean lines. Without the addition of natural materials, your space might end up looking cold and sterile. 


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Simplicity Is Key 

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Negative space is crucial to keep the aesthetic from getting chaotic. Keep your space as open and uncluttered as possible. In Scandinavian interior design, every piece of furniture has to be practical and comfortable with clean lines. Just remember, less is more.


That’s not to say you can’t add a little graphic element here and there. Subway tiles are a chic and practical option for your kitchen or bathroom. You can also play around with geometric artwork or accessories like floor rugs in a monochromatic palette to give your space a little character.


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Style Casually 

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If you haven’t gathered already, the aesthetic you’re after shouldn’t look like you’ve tried too hard. Style your home casually with minimal accessories. For example, instead of hanging all your artwork, leave some on the floor, leaned against a wall. 


Steer clear of messy and loud prints. Go for clean and graphic patterns on pillows or throws and forget about frilly fabrics and elaborate rugs. Because of the lack of colour, playing with textures is such an important factor when it comes to curating a Scandinavian styled home. 


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Go Green 

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You’ll be hard pressed to find a Scandinavian interior without any green. And by green, we mean live plants. Live plants are one of the most important accessories in any home as they infuse life into spaces and soften architectural elements. 


Going back to one of the points above, natural materials provide textures that are almost impossible to recreate. 


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