How To Actually Keep To Your New Year Resolutions

Posted on 01-01-2016 by Hongwei Lee

If you have always been facing difficulties keeping to the promises you've made for yourself at the start of the year, maybe it's time to look at these resolutions that you've made. We have some suggestions that might change the way you craft your resolutions, such that you can actually keep to them.


Keep Them Manageable

Maybe you want to quit smoking, or exercise more and be healthier, lose weight, save more, read more or spend more time with family. Don’t beat yourself up trying to do all these things, take a small step at a time. For example if you wish to lose weight, set a specific goal that is achievable instead of telling yourself to lose a whole 20 kg by the end of the year.


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Be Time Specific

One year is a very long time, break the year down into small time frames (mark it on your calendar) and tell yourself what to achieve by the end of it. Like “save a hundred dollars every month” or slowly increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat after every few weeks. You will find that these time specific goals are small steps on a big ladder that you are climbing and by the end of the year, you would have kept to your resolution.


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Talk About It

Tell people whom you can trust and will interact with on a daily basis, it could be your colleagues, family or schoolmates. They will help you monitor your behavior everyday and give you constant reminders about your resolution. It helps when people around you are supporting you when you question your own decisions.


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Reward Yourself

At the end of every small time frame, give yourself a “cheat day” and pamper yourself (only if you've made progress). Go for a nice meal, have a few cups of beer/wine with your friends and family or do whatever that makes you happy (as long as it is not unhealthy). Then get back on track with your resolutions again.


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Keep Trying

These resolutions might just tire you out, or feel unachievable from time to time. If it is a new habit you wish to cultivate, a research by Dr. Maxwell Maltz has proven that it takes 21 days to form the habit. Keep trying to reach the 21 day mark, if it fails try again. Remember, it is challenging to do something out of your comfort zone over one night so don’t get beat up about it.


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Even if you don’t achieve your resolutions at the end of the year, there’s always time to adjust and craft your resolutions so that you will achieve them a year later. Remember to constantly remind yourself of these resolutions and don’t lose track of them mid-way!


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