How To Create A Shoe Cleaning Kit

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You have invested in a pair of shoes that you really like and paid good money for them. The Italian vegetable tanned leather; with a good Vibram sole sure didn’t come cheap. The last thing you want to do is to abuse your shoes and find the leather cracking and peeling just after a year. Here’s how to create a shoe cleaning kit to get you started.


There are some basic tools and products you need to create a shoe shining kit. These tools are easily available and should not be too hard to get. 



#1 Shoe Brush

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A shoe brush serves two functions: To brush off dirt and dust prior to any form of cleaning or maintenance, and your tool for applying cleaner. A wide shine brush is ideal for for brushing. The sturdy wooden handle allows for a good grip and the bristles are natural and soft to avoid damaging your shoes. 



#2 Soft Cloth

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For applying any sort of shoe cleaner, a dauser style brush is recommended, but I prefer using a soft cloth.  I find using a cloth to be a more sensible tool for the job, because you would need a separate dauser brush for each shoe colour polish, as well as leather cleaner.


You can just tear up an old soft t-shirt and use them to apply leather cleaner to your shoes and wash them out after you’re done. That way, you wouldn’t need a different brush for every different colour of shoe polish.



#3 Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

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Leather cleaner will remove dirt and other stains, as well as old polish, while leather conditioner will keep the leather from drying out and becoming brittle or cracked, leaving it nice and supple.



#4 Shoe Polish

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Shoe polish is going to enhance the colour of your shoes and add shine to the occasion. Cream polishes are for imparting colour, whereas wax polishes are for creating shine to your shoes



After investing a good deal of money, it only makes sense to take care of your new expensive purchase.  We’ve heard of instances of leather boots lasting a decade or longer, and the secret is to maintain and nourish your pair of boots with the right tools and products.  


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