How To Feel Awesome Every Damn Day

Posted on 27-03-2017 by Ruth Hiew

The daily grind, or what Urban Dictionary terms ‘same sh*t, different day’, doesn’t have to be a drag. More than seeing a glass half full, it is about choosing to make the best of every day. The little things truly do make a huge difference; so start with these four simple tips!


Don’t Procrastinate

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Checking off the most urgent matter out of your to-do list feels really good. A good tip is to do the most urgent and important thing first. You will find that many things are important, but not necessarily urgent. If you catch yourself doing something neither important nor urgent, focus! 

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Sorry, but categorizing your living/working space as an ‘organised mess’ doesn’t get you cool points anymore. What’s cool is being able to find your stuff without much hassle. 


Every time I start work I do a little spring cleaning on my desk to make sure it’s tidy, and it just gives me that little boost to start my day with. Whether it’s your work desk or closet, make sure everything is kept where it’s supposed to be so you don’t have to waste any time/energy rummaging through messy piles. Allocate some time this weekend to organize your closet and room, it'll make your mornings so much easier! 



Eat Real Food

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To look good and feel good, eat right! Think about what people ate before humans decided to sell food in plastic boxes — chicken without McGrease and actual potatoes (french fries are not vegetables). Never monopolize your calorie intake with junk, processed foods that do nothing for your beauty and wellness. Remember that a feel good meal takes effort to prepare, and is rewarding. 



Be Present

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Chances are, you probably know what to do about work, and what’s scheduled next — but you fret anyway. Instead of replying emails in your head or worrying about the past or future, focus your attention on what is happening in the present. You could be in an Uber with some colleagues, enjoying a cuppa with some friends, even alone in your room; there’s always time to take a breather and live in the moment, because what is life but a timeline of moments?

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