How To Get The Most Versatile Haircut Ever

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I find it amazing how girls can look drastically different just by changing their makeup routine. The use of a different shade of eyeshadow, or maybe an extended eyeliner or even a different lip colour can instantly refresh their look.. I always thought there’s only so much men can do to change their appearance, but I was wrong.


Enter Finnlay Davis, a 18-year-old model who’s currently dominating the style scene. Finnlay racked up an impressive 26 fashion shows and walking for all the major fashion houses in London, sporting a different look for each one, thanks to his “modern shag”. Is his “modern shag” the most versatile haircut today?


The “Modern Shag”

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Finnlay’s ‘modern shag’  is a mixture of references from the Seventies Shag, the Eighties Wedge and the Sixties bowl cut. To get this look, ask your barber to keep it long on the top with softer, longer outer edges. You'd probably need a trim every six to eight weeks depending on how your hair grows. This is an extremely versatile haircut that can be worn in many ways. Here are some of our recommended ways to style it.


Side-swept Textured Mop

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Start with towel-dried hair and apply some hair paste to sculpt your hair. Apply the hair paste all over your head, paying special attention to the roots. Blow dry all your hair towards the front of your head, starting at the back and a little towards your preferred side. After which, use your hand as a brush for a messier look or use a thin-toothed comb for a more smoother look. To hold the style, use a light hairspray so that the shape will hold through out the day.


Loose and Free

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The key to achieving this look is to forgo your comb! Start off with towel-dried hair and blow dry it. Use your hands to gently comb through and loosen your hair while blow drying it. Once your hair is dried, rub some matte paste on your palms and fingers and start to loosen up your hair, starting with the roots then to the tips. At this point in time, your hair should be wavy and textured. Use your fingertips to place any stray strands in position and finish off with a light hair spray to hold the look. Remember, do not use a comb as you will lose all the texture needed for this look. 


Backcomb Slick

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Start off by blow drying your hair backwards, not forgetting the sides as well as the front. Once done, rub pomade on your palms and fingers and start to comb back your hair without using a comb. If you find that your hair is a tad unruly, try using a wide-tooth comb and comb it backwards. Leave it to dry naturally or blow dry it using a vent brush. A vent brush helps to add volume to your hair. Finish it off with a light hair spray to keep your hair in place.


Bad Hair Day?

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Just slick it back and add a headwear of your choice. FYI, your baseball cap doesn’t go well with everything. Here’s how to pick the right hat for your outfit



A versatile haircut allows you to style it differently and appropriately for different functions. With a little practice, don’t be surprised to get a few “did you cut your hair” questions at social events.

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