How To Keep Your Bath Towels Fresher Longer

Posted on 12-04-2016 by Audrey Ong


I’ve been in one too many bathrooms that have an unpleasant clammy smell. Please, don’t be the dude with dank towels!


Here are some tips to ensure your towels are always fresh and fluffy especially when you have guests over. 


How Often Should You Wash Them?


First thing’s first, please, for the love of God, wash your towels after every third or fourth use. If you’re using a damp towel to dry off after your shower, there’s a chance it might lead to jock itch or athlete’s foot. Why? If you live in Singapore, you know that it is humid AF here and coupled with the moisture in your bathroom, this makes it incredibly easy for bacteria and fungus to grow on your damp towels. So, make sure your towel is completely dry from the previous use before you dry off in the shower. And wash them after 3 to 4 uses.



Hang Them The Right Way 

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Drape your used towels over a bar instead of hanging them on hooks as this will trap moisture between the folds. 



Keep Them Soft & Fluffy 


We all love the smell of fresh laundry, but avoid fabric softeners when you’re laundering towels. While softeners may work on regular apparel, they actually coat the  fibres on your towels and make them less soft after some time. Don't forget to read How Often Should You Change Your Sheets while we're on this topic.

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