How To Pull Off The Nonchalant Look Without Looking Like A Hobo

Posted on 10-03-2017 by Ruth Hiew



Move over, skinny jeans and tight-fitted tees! It’s 2017, and the rugged bad boy look from the 90s is making a comeback. Think worn-in oversized tees and lived in Dr. Martens. The trick is to look absolutely nonchalant while creating contrast between tailored and oversized items. To nail the “I don’t give a sh*t” aesthetic, these are the essentials…


A Long, Loose-Fit Tee

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A tee that allows movement will make everything look effortless no matter what you layer on top. Do note that here’s a difference between a loose fit and an ill fit — you want to look unbothered, not undone. The right t-shirt is slightly oversized, yet accentuates your silhouette. When you’re shopping, look out for tees with distressed edges or a gentle stone wash. If all else fails, an oversized white tee will do the trick. 

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Distressed Denim 

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Distressed denim never fails to add a rugged edge to any outfit. They’ll never go out of style, so, invest in a good pair! Rips at the knee area and subtle distressed detailing is hot. What’s not, is a baggy jean with gaping rectangles of missing patchwork. 


You can also opt for a pair of black slouchy trousers or straight-cut cropped chinos to channel that Alex Turner, couldn’t-care-less vibe.


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A pair of classic Doc Marts or Chelsea boots is totally worth the investment. It has an alternative edginess with a touch of sophistication that will never do you wrong.


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An Oversized, Lightweight Parka

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If you’re stuck in the rain, get a parka. If you’ve got ketchup on your shirt, get a parka. If you want to boost your style cred, get a parka. Just make sure it’s lightweight and thin so you don’t melt in the blistering South-East Asian heat. It’s so easy to throw on, and the rugged feel of it makes it look completely effortless. There’s nothing a parka cannot do for you — it makes even the same old tee-shirt and jeans look stylish. We recommend dark, colours like black, navy or olive — anything bright or neon coloured is a hobo’s raincoat, not your parka. 


A utility shirt is a good alternative, if you don’t fancy wearing a parka in our hellish humidity.


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