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If You Have Acne, You Should Avoid These 4 Types Of Foods

Posted on 12-09-2016



Here's some useful information on common food choices that do your acne prone skin no favours.



High-glycemic Foods

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High-glycemic foods are foods that break down quickly in the bloodstream resulting in a spike in insulin levels and raises blood sugar levels. This causes hormonal fluctuations and inflammation, encouraging outbreaks. These include white bread, potato chips, cakes (the list really never ends…). Go for foods with a lower glycemic index such as those made from whole grains or complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes the next time you’re planning a meal. 




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Having too much sugar in your diet will cause your blood sugar levels to spike, and you may experience breakouts more often.  I’m not saying you have to avoid all forms of sugar, but indulging in a yummy plate of cookies and a soda as an afternoon snack isn’t going to do your skin (or waistline, honestly) any favours. 



Fast Food

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Yeah, you heard me! I’m talking about that double cheeseburger and french fries you’re thinking about having for lunch. These foods have a high glycemic index and are chockfull of saturated fats, putting you at risk for blemishes. Greasy fast food also causes inflammation, which will further aggravate your acne prone skin. 




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This one might come as a shocker…Just like the other types of food mentioned, milk causes a spike in our insulin levels, ramping up oil production, causing you to break out.



So the next time you’re thinking of what to order or eat, make balanced and wise decisions and keep your health a priority. 

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