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The 2 Fastest Ways To Fade A Bruise

Posted on 18-11-2016 by Audrey Ong



When I was 5, my mother signed me up for ballet and gymnastic classes hoping that I’d become a little more ‘graceful’ and ‘ladylike’. Well, that didn’t work out too well and I’m still as clumsy as ever. I remember my boyfriend asking me “What are you particularly bad at?” when we first started dating and I replied, “Walking. I trip over myself all the time.” This seemed like a joke to him at that point but, boy, I was dead serious. 


Tripping up the stairs and stumbling over curbs has made me practically immune to feeling pain from my bruises. It doesn’t help that I bruise incredibly easily (even a tiny bump can cause a bruise and I don’t remember how I get most of my bruises). Because of this, I’ve spent years hunting for the best all-natural remedies to efficiently lighten up my pesky bruises. 



Warm & Cold Compress 


Both hot and cold therapy can ease a ton of problems from strains and aches to bruises. A cold compression can numb your nerves and constrict your blood vessels, which can help to reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. A warm compress, on the other hand, will expand your blood vessels and improve blood supply to the particular area. 


The next time you have a nasty fall or bump, quickly wrap a handful of ice in a towel and massage it over the spot slowly. After 10 minutes or so, use a warm compress and do the same thing. Repeat both steps a couple of times and this should prevent a dark bruise from popping up. 



Aloe Vera 


We all know that aloe vera is fantastic for your skin! It can treat sunburns, acne and dry, flaky skin amongst other skin woes. Add this to the long list - it can speed up the recovery of bruises! When applied to your bruise, the aloe vera gel and moisture quickens the repair of the broken vessels which are the cause of the blue-black appearance of your skin. If you don’t have an aloe plant at home, we suggest you purchase a tub of aloe vera gel (make sure it’s got a concentration of 80% of more) and keep it in your bathroom just in case! 



These methods won’t make your bruises disappear immediately, but you’ll notice that they’ll fade much faster than usual! 

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Audrey Ong
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