The 5 Items Every Minimalist Needs In Her Wardrobe

Posted on 17-03-2017 by Ruth Hiew



If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be approaching the quarter mark of my life pretty soon. I’ve always believed that “less is more”, and simplifying your wardrobe can really help you to save time without compromising on style. 






The fit has to be perfect, or near perfect. As a rule of thumb, if you have to keep tugging at your clothes, don’t buy them. 



When a material is sheer when it shouldn’t be, or creases easily, it shows. Materials that make an outfit look luxe include silk, linen, cotton and leather. Natural fabrics like these also tend to get softer with age, unlike manmade ones like jersey or polyester.



When shopping, If you can’t put an outfit together in your head under 5 seconds with pieces you already own in your wardrobe, put the item back on the shelf. Shopping for an extra piece to help that oh-so-trendy skirt make sense is a waste of time and money. 



With these three tips in mind, let’s look at the five pieces that make a trend-proof wardrobe.



#1 The Long Vest

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Minimal style doesn’t have to be 2D. You can add depth and details to your outfit by layering a long vest on top. For shorter gals, a long vest can elongate your silhouette and make you look taller. Plus, talk about the endless layering possibilities — wear it over literally any outfit for instant style points. Or, cinch the waist with a belt and voila, a structured dress that flatters every figure.



#2 The Black Dress

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For a fail-safe, the simple shift dress will always create a sophisticated silhouette. Experiment with different materials and textures; a heavy cotton material constructs movement when you walk and gives you that ‘fresh off the runway’ vibe. 


The 90's silk slip is also in vogue, but be careful to choose quality-made pieces that have a thicker, more luxurious feel — you wanna channel high-fashion Kate Moss in the 90's, not a nightie. 



#3 The Straight-Cut Trouser

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Every self-respecting woman needs a sharp pair of pants. I mean, that’s just like, the rules of feminism. (If you didn't get that Mean Girls Reference, we can't be friends) A slim, fitted leg that’s slightly cropped will focus the attention on the slimmest part of your leg. To get the most out of your trousers, you want a pair that’s buttonless at the front and tabless at the waist. The trouser’s flat front and slim fit will allow you to layer pieces on top without adding bulk.



#4 The Black Ankle Boot

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A low, block-heeled boot is best for everyday because it’s semi-formal and can go the distance. To add texture to your wardrobe, go for embossed leather rather than typical flat, matte leather. Also opt for a boot with an elongated toe shape to add length to your legs and make up for the shorter heel.



#5 The Structured Handbag

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An everyday handbag needs to have both form and function, so opt for a bag with minimal hardware and structural integrity. A medium size with multiple compartments also saves you precious minutes digging in an abyss for your things. 



Like we said earlier, the key to minimalist styling is to invest in a few quality pieces. Make sure you avoid these 4 style mistakes that make your outfit look cheap!

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