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The $5 Trick To Make Your Lashes Look Fuller

Posted on 20-03-2017 by Ruth Hiew



Your eyelashes are probably the most neglected part of the face, but ironically the most obsessed over. We use lash extensions, falsies and we’ve tried all types of mascara in a bid to fake longer lashes. If you want to grow Jessica Rabbit lashes naturally, you need to start giving your lashes some TLC. 


The good news is, we have discovered a cheap alternative to expensive lash serums that’ll make you bat your lashes for days.


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This lil’ tub of petroleum jelly is a godsend to literally everyone. In 1865, Vaseline marketed its petroleum jelly as a simple remedy to wounded or burnt skin. Today, however, people all over the world have discovered a myriad of ways to use Vaseline! Athletes use it on their feet, tired moms use it as lubricant to get gum out of their kids’ hair, some women swear that it works wonders as a lip balm, and lately, the beauty community has found it to work 10/10 as a cheek highlight and a lash serum. 


Wanna test it out for yourself? You can use a clean mascara wand (you could buy a brand new one from any cosmetics store or wash an old mascara wand thoroughly) to dip into a drop of Vaseline before applying it on to your lashes in one thin, even coat. Alternatively, you could try it out with a cotton bud. Make sure you’ve washed off all your makeup before doing this. Leave it overnight and wash your face as per usual in the morning. 


Of course, no scientist has yet to divert his/her attention from curing cancer to testing the effectiveness of Vaseline on lashes… So while it isn’t scientifically proven to promote lash growth, it is — for me and my lash deficit gals— tried, tested and true.


For more affordable DIY ways to grow thicker and longer lashes, read this.

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