The Affordable Way to Give Mom Flowers This Mother's Day

Posted on 04-05-2016 by Audrey Ong

So you’ve already got your gift sorted out, and plan to cook your mom a delicious breakfast this Mother’s Day. But what about the flowers? We all know how insane the prices get at florists when Mother’s Day is just around the corner. That doesn’t mean you can’t spoil the most important woman in your life with fresh blooms!


Head to your neighbourhood market or grocery store and pick up a bunch of fresh flowers, get a beautiful piece of fabric, and make your own bouquet! 




1. Make your own floral arrangement with your choice of blooms.

2. Wrap some tape around the stems to keep them from moving about.

3. To prevent the flowers from drying out, wrap damp cotton around the ends of the stem with plastic cling wrap.

4. Take a square piece of fabric and lay it on a smooth surface. Turn it so that it looks more like a diamond, and lay your flowers into the diamond. Make sure the bottom end of the fabric extends beyond the stems. 

5. Fold the bottom point over the stems to form a straight line before wrapping the other two points around to form the bouquet. 

6. Secure with twine or a ribbon. 


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