The One Thing You Should NEVER Do While Shopping

Posted on 23-11-2016 by Audrey Ong





We’ve all heard it before, “Shopping is cheaper than therapy”. While that might be true, overspending on fashion is a really bad habit that’s doing your wallet and your future no favours. Face it, your overspending often goes toward clothes and accessories you don’t need and won’t even wear. 


One of our all time style inspirations, Eva Chen, shared this amazing piece of advice on Instagram, “One of my shopping rules is to NEVER try on anything I wouldn’t/shouldn’t buy (whether because it’s too [expensive] or no occasion to wear it, etc).”


It’s a simple rule that we all should follow. We often pick up items that are too flamboyant for daily wear or simply too expensive for our budget and convince ourselves that we’re only going to try them on in the fitting room. What happens then? We fall in love with the item and are convinced we need to buy it (especially if said item is on discount). 


The solution? Don't tempt yourself! Prioritize your needs before your wants, and of course, stick to your budget! Maximize your monthly shopping budget by following our fool-proof guide to spending less on fashion


Just like fashion, we tend to overspend on makeup. There are obviously some products you don’t absolutely need. Here are 5 beauty products you should stop buying if you’re on a budget

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