The One Thing You're Doing That's Ruining The Quality Of Your Sleep

Posted on 23-03-2017 by Audrey Ong



So you’ve listened to our advice on how to get the best sleep ever, but there’s still one thing you’re doing that’s completely sabotaging your chances for a good night’s sleep. 


According to a sleep expert, Laurie Brodsky, late night eating and drinking is the most common culprit for less than stellar sleep. "Your body needs to physiologically switch from fight-or-flight mode, which is dominated by your sympathetic nervous system during the day, ideally, and into your rest-and-digest mode, controlled by your parasympathetic system, preferably at night.” Basically, you’re not giving your body enough time to relax and digest food properly. 


Going to bed hungry isn't good for you either, so if you’re feeling peckish before bedtime, drink a warm glass of milk to fill your tummy. Foods high in magnesium (like avocado) can have a positive effect on the quality of your snooze time and you might wanna consider stocking up on cherries in your fridge for emergency late-night snacking as they’re a natural source of melatonin ( a hormone your body produces to regulate sleep). Whatever you end up munching on before bedtime, just make sure it’s NOT one of these foods


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