The One Weird Product That Can Banish Your Eyebags

Posted on 17-03-2017 by Ruth Hiew



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If you’re still on the hunt for a miracle product that erases your eye bags, here’s a hint: it’s not on Sephora’s shelves!


The classic struggle of having to balance work, a social life and sleep inevitably result in heavy-duty eye bags. 


For the many nights you spend typing away at your laptop or reveling in a club, here’s a quick fix for the drama going on under your eyes: haemorrhoid cream! It’s traditionally used to tighten swollen anal nerves, but it absolutely works for dark, under eye bags — even puffiness, or wrinkles. You can easily get a tube of haemorrhoid cream over-the-counter at any reputable pharmacy. 


Lisa Eldridge, celebrity makeup artist (she’s worked with the likes of Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss) and the creative director of Lancome, uses it on herself and her models on runways and shoots for picture perfect eyes. 


A key ingredient in the cream, phenylephrine, works to shrink the blood vessels, which makes the product a lifesaver for emergency situations that for decades it has been a holy grail on runways and red carpets. It is quite drying, so mix it in with a bit of moisturizer or eye cream on the back of your hand before applying in under your eyes. Do note that a little bit goes a loooong way, a pea sized drop of the cream is sufficient for both eyes. 


Dab a little bit onto your ring finger, and gently pat it into the skin in an upwards motion. Be careful not to get too close to your eyes! Whenever you’re using your hands to apply products to your eye area, you should only use your ring finger. Using your ring finger will apply the least pressure onto your delicate under eye area. Place all five fingers on the table and try raising each finger! You should find that it’s much harder to lift up your ring finger. 


Give the cream about half a minute to seep into your skin, then you can then proceed to put on your makeup as per usual.


We definitely do not recommend everyday use of the haemorrhoid cream in place of regular eye treatments because of its intended use. Prolonged use of the cream on your face might also result in irritation of the skin. Only use it if you have to attend a special event or if you’ve got to get your photos taken. 


If you have sensitive skin, please consult a doctor before trying this treatment. 


Does the thought of applying haemorrhoid cream to your face freak you out? Fret not, we’ve got more home remedies to help you get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes

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