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The Worst Foods To Eat Before Bedtime

Posted on 04-04-2016 by Audrey Ong


While surfing through Netflix, your tummy starts to growl. It’s almost time to go to bed but there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a light bite to satiate your hunger. However, if you don’t select the right late-night snack, you just might ruin your diet (duh), and prevent yourself from having a good sleep. 


Here are 4 snacks to avoid before bedtime. 



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Sorry, boys and girls. Before you rip open that Kit-Kat wrapper, remember that chocolate contains traces of caffeine and other stimulants that can ruin your sleep.
The same goes for dark chocolate, unfortunately.




Spicy Food 

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Yup, that means no leftover curry from dinner (and definitely no McSpicy delivery!).
Spicy food can cause acid reflux which will lead to some discomfort while you’re trying to get to sleep.

Leave the spicy food to daytime consumption! 



Ice Cream 

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Your favourite dessert contains a sh*tload of sugar and fat. ***SHOCKER***
This will cause your digestive system to kick into overdrive which will certainly mean that you won’t be getting a restful sleep.

For a healthy (but equally yummy), sugar-free alternative to ice-cream, try this




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Typical sodas like Coca-Cola and Sprite often contain caffeine and other chemicals that can aggravate your digestive system and promote acid reflux.
Not the best idea if you need to get a good night’s sleep before a big presentation the next day!

Besides, do you know what happens to you in an hour after you drink coke?! 



If you’re hooked on sugary drinks and snacks, find out how you can start eating less sugar. 

And if you suffer from insomnia, here are 5 natural ways to kick insomnia in the ass!

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