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What Causes Coffee Breath & Stained Teeth?

Posted on 03-06-2016 by Audrey Ong


Coffee breath and teeth stains are pretty common phenomenons which got us thinking - how can something that tastes so good make your breath smell so bad and teeth so unsightly? 


We spoke to Dr. Edgar Kieu, Deputy Director (Raffles Dental) to get to the bottom of it. 



What causes coffee breath? And what can we do to prevent it?


Basically, the caffeine found in coffee may reduce salivary flow which may lead to bad breath. Think about it this way, while you’re asleep at night, salivary flow also decreases, which causes “morning breath”. Coffee also contains many chemical compounds that may remain in the mouth and interact with bacteria which results in a bad smell.


Drink plenty of water after your cuppa and try your best to cut down the number of cups of coffee you drink a day. Bad breath may be a sign of other problems and may be a symptom of other diseases. If yours is particularly bad and is bothering you, you should definitely go to the dentist’s to get it checked. 



What about coffee stains on teeth?


Teeth stains are divided into two categories - intrinsic (natural colour of the tooth) and extrinsic (stains on the outer surface of tooth). Coffee stains are extrinsic and a visit to your dentist will be able to remove these stains. If you’re still not satisfied, you can consider whitening your teeth. Whitening uses peroxide to change the colour of your teeth, much like how bleach works. Its side effects are temporary and does not damage teeth. 


You can reduce coffee stains on your teeth by drinking coffee through a straw as this will minimise the contact of coffee with your teeth. Drink your coffee quickly and then rinse your mouth with water after. If possible, cut down your daily coffee intake! 




Now that you know what causes coffee breath and stained teeth, will you start drinking less coffee? 


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