Why Using Your Girl's Facial Products Is Wrong...Even If You Can Get Away With It

Posted on 06-03-2017 by Bruce Murphy



If you’ve been getting away with using your sister/girlfriend/wife's facial products without her knowledge, then congratulations on not getting caught. However, there's not much else to celebrate! Research has shown that using female grooming products may not be as helpful to the skin of men as you think. Here’s why:



We are more “thick-skinned” than the ladies - in more ways than one

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Thanks to the thicker outmost layer of skin, called the Stratum Corneum (loosely translated from Latin as Horny Layer!), men have approximately 25% thicker skin than women. Women’s skin in comparison is thinner and not as tough. Hence, using grooming products which have been designed for characteristics of women’s skin can be ineffective. Men need something a little bit more powerful to support their skin type.



We tend to be rougher, not just around the edges 

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This comes as no surprise, but men generally tend to have rougher skin compared to the ladies. Coupled together with more facial hair (unless you’re going up against the bearded lady), the texture of men’s skin can be completely different. In addition, the follicles from your facial hair can give your skin a stronger structure, thus explaining why men usually tend to show signs of aging later than women. Women’s facial skin care products are not meant to deal with such skin texture and levels of facial hair.



We sweat more but not because we work harder

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I wish it weren’t the case, but even without hard work, men are more prone to sweating than women. Throw in our hot and humid weather and you’ll see that men can sweat more than twice as much as women. An interesting fact is that men tend to have more lactic acid in their sweat, resulting in a lower pH level (more acidic skin) when compared to female perspiration. The “side effect” of this, though, is relatively better-hydrated skin. Moisturizers and other face care products meant for women are typically not equipped to deal with the more acidic and hydrated skin of men.



Men ooze more than machismo

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With significantly higher levels of testosterone, men tend to produce more of an oily, waxy matter that lubricates and waterproofs the top layer of skin. Called sebum, this can make men more prone to acne, clogged pores, and other skin issues. A good men’s skin care product will be able to handle such issues better compared to traditional grooming products meant for women. 


And if that isn’t a big enough deterrent for you to stop using your girl’s grooming products, then the danger of getting caught red-handed and upsetting her should be. Do yourself a favour and invest in your own grooming products. Your skin and your girl will definitely thank you for it. 


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Bruce Murphy
Until recently, Bruce, a self-proclaimed vain pot, managed to get away with stealing his wife’s grooming products for years. After getting caught, Bruce decided to launch Thy Rogue Gentlemen, a men’s grooming start-up founded on the principles of making quality grooming products accessible to the modern man. For the record, his wife is now much happier since he stopped using her stuff. You can follow Thy Rogue Gentleman on Instagram @thyroguegentleman

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