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Fashion 24-07-2015

#SuitUp Basic Guidelines to Wearing a Suit

The classic suit is such an important part of the male wardrobe, yet many struggle with putting together the perfect one for themselves. Follow these simple rules when embracing the two-piece.

Health 24-07-2015

5 Simple Ways to Detox After a Big Night Out

As many times as you’ll say “I’m never drinking that much again”, you most certainly will. Do your body a favour and find out how you can detox after a crazy night out.

Beauty 23-07-2015

#LifeHacks 5 Unexpected New Ways to Use Nail Polish

It’s now a universally known fact that a dab of clear nail polish can prevent a tiny run in your stockings from getting bigger. Now, we’ve got 5 different ways you can make good use of your nail polish other than freshening up your manicure.

Decor 22-07-2015

Affordable Art for Your Bachelor Pad

Can’t tell Manet from Monet? Fret not! This is for all the men who are a little out of ideas and require inspiration to transform your existing space into a legitimate bachelor pad. From modern takes on great works to originals by rising graphic designers, we have scoured the web for décor that does

Fashion 21-07-2015

Hats: How to Pick the Right One for Your Outfit

Get the low down on how to pick the right hat for the right outfit. Here’s how you can incorporate this handy accessory that can not only up your style game, but also save you on those much-dreaded bad hair days.

Fashion 20-07-2015

Fool-proof Ways to Wear Prints

Have you always shied away from wearing prints of any kind? Well, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. So read on to see how you can incorporate prints and patterns into your wardrobe.